Scribbles 'n Bits
February 14th, 2024


I came across a few months back and quickly fell in love. It gives you a really cute [you] domain, [you] email, and provides a whole suite of thoughtfully-implemented services like a personal landing page, /now page, weblog (admittedly I haven't used that one much), statuslog, pastebin, permanent URLs (PURLs), and more. 

Get the best internet address
that you’ve ever had.

You also get full DNS control of your [you] subdomain as well as a handy "Switchboard" for integrating with custom domains or just totally rewiring how your stuff fits together.

Additionally, an membership includes an account on the Mastodon instance, which is packed with interesting people doing (and sharing) cool things and just generally being lighthearted and fun. (The denizens are 100% to blame for a lot of my recent indieweb-ish obsessions, too.)

Oh, and TODAY (2024-02-14), you can use the coupon code LOVE to get a whopping 64% off of an membership, which comes with all the cool stuff I mentioned above (and more!).

$20/annually * 0.64 == $7.20
$20/annually * 0.64 == $7.20

$7.20 annually for all that cool stuff? Heck yeah, it's a deal.